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Youth Exchange – Mexico Out 2012/2013

Youth Exchange – Mexico Out 2012/2013

Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Acatic

Day 1 – 27th of December, 2012
After our long journey from Germany to Houston and further to our final destination Guadalajara, a wonderful and eventful journey has started. At the airport a lot of people were waiting for us with big posters.  After a first get together we started to go “home” to our new hostfamilies.  It was just 9pm (Mexican time) anyway we Germans were exhausted of our 24h-trip to the other side of the world. At the family’s place we had dinner and the first expressions of the mexican way of life. It is different but it feels fine. The families welcomed us in a special and hearty way – from the first day I felt like a part of them.

Day 2 – 28th of December, 2012
The first day started with a nice breakfast together with the whole group at Leos` place. With the sun shining on our faces we enjoyed a traditional Mexican breakfast and fresh fruits. After this lovely breakfast we started our day to discover Guadalajara and to shop some things to bring to our friends at home.  In the afternoon we went to a traditional Mexican Restaurant and ate there tacos, Quesadillas and other delicious food, while listening to an Mariachi group.
At the evening Karen one of our hosts celebrated her birthday and we visited her birthday Party which was a lot of fun. At the night everyone felt very tired to bed curious what’s going on next.

Day 3 – 29th of December, 2012
The third day started with packing and hitting the road. Our big aim was to get to the seaside, with one stop in Tequila village – visiting the famous Tequila factory. During the tour through the factory we had the opportunity to gather accurate knowledge about the preparation of the tequila. At the end of the tour we could taste the most fine tequila and also to buy some for our (jealous) friends from Germany.
After this visit we continued our long but not boring way to the seaside. The nature, what we could wonder from the backseat was absolutely amazing. When we arrived to the sun already went down, but this didn’t stop us to build our tents or to get our sleeping places in Bungalows, and of course to take the first bath in the Pacific Ocean.  The waves were angry, but we could face them and had an amazing night at the ocean-side.

Day 4 – 30th of December, 2012
On the fourth day we decided to visit Don Bosco, the old man next to the perfect ocean! He was really nice with us, welcomed us with warmness! Some youths from Acatic joined us also, so we had a really big group there. The weather was just perfect to swim and have some fun at the beach.

With the help of our Mexican friends we prepared a tasty lunch (fish, salad, tortillas) and we just enjoyed the sound of the ocean, having good talks with our new friends. It was just the perfect day! After it got slowly dark we head it directly to Puerto Vallartas, citycenter!  What a city!!! On the street were so many tourist, loud music, many markets with interesting, and time to time funny things.

So we were shopping at 10 PM and after it we headed to bar, where a special concert was! The cousin from Ali und Ezu has a band and they were playing that night! So we had a live concert, where we could sing and dance! It was just amazing!

After the long and fruitful day we were very happy to rest!

Day 5 – 31st of December, 2012
We spent last day of 2012 with swimming, relaxing and taking pictures at the beach. After that we did a shopping trip through the little city. There they had a lot of fresh fruits and other useful things.

Our Mexican friends found a group of Canadians to battle them in a volleyball-game – clearly the Mexican team won. After that the Mexicans and some Germans went to church. At 6/7pm the new-years-eve-party at the camping site started. We had no ticket, but we pimped the party to the most funny and happy new-years-eve-party at this place ever! Around midnight we stayed all together at a family’s place to count the seconds to the beginning of 2013. At 1am of New Year’s Day we left the family and went again to the beach to prepare a campfire. After some fireworks and the starting rain at 5am we decided to go to sleep in our tents.  It was a short and wet night!

Day 6 – 1st of January, 2013
After starting the day really wet in the tents at the beach we started to get our long way back to Guadalajara. The weather was really rainy and the sky was grey. The Germans were not happy about this fact, while the Mexicans liked this weather more because they don`t see rain that often. After the long drive we relaxed and at the evening a few people of the group went to a supermarket to get some Salsa, beans and spices, to bring them to Germany. At the evening everyone was really tired and went the last time to all the lovely hosts to sleep at their places.

Day 7 – 2nd of January
After a short rest in Guadalajara we headed to a close village, named Acatic, where we met in the first hour all the import people from the village: communication manager, the mayor. All were very friendly with us, and happy to have us in their small village.
On this day we also visited La Resolana, the community where we had the opportunity to work with the children. We created some colorful Posters and hanged out in the village, so everybody could remember that we are going to make some activities with the children.
We also met local people who shared their food with us. They told us how happy and grateful are, that we are there and we are willing to make some sport and outdoor activities with the children.  We could again experience the kindness from the local Mexicans.
At 18 o clock we went to the so called Cultural House, where we learned the first Mexican dance movements. We find out there, that at the end of the exchange we will have the opportunity to become just a little bit Mexican dancers. We focused and practiced the first steps for one hour long – with lot of success J

At 8 o clock we had to present at our Welcome Party, organized by the locals from Acatic and La Resolana. Mexican food, Mariachis, tequila and good mood characterized our amazing evening!

 Day 8 – 3rd of January
After a fast breakfast with fresh juice we went to La Resolana a very cute small village to work with the kids. We had some lovely hours with them while playing a lot of games and having a lot of fun with these gorgeous children. After a nice dinner with tacos at the house of a family of La Resolana, we went to a horse ranch. The horse riding was really exciting and a lot of fun. In the evening we had another dancing lesson where we repeated the dance we had already learned and were we learned another traditional dance. The day ended very late with cooking potato salad for the German evening at the next day.

Day 9 – 4th of January
Again we had delicious breakfast and went to the kids. They already knew that we are coming again and were already waiting for us. We did a lot of sport games with them in the morning, but also teambuilding games and some classes. In the afternoon we met again with the people from the Community This evening there was the German Evening and we had to talk a lot and prepare with them. Some of our group helped with translating. The afternoon was quite stressful then with preparing everything. The whole community was so excited and everybody came wanted to see what we do.  At 6 p.m. the whole market place was full and we also had a little stage – and we were very excited and a little bit nervous. But then everything went well, we did a programm for the German evening, also showed dances with the kids, showed pictures and made a little show on the stage. Then we offered food and the people from the community and the kids tried it and it was very funny. The evening ended late, we celebrated a lot and after that we had to tidy everything up. But it was a nice event and thanks to the people of La Resolana for their help!!

Day 10 – 5th of January
Our last whole day in Mexico started with playing funny games against the Mexican companions and kids of La Resolana. At 1pm Tine and I had to say goodbye to all the kids which we would not see again at the “Mexican Night” later on. It was hard, because we had taken them into our hearts.

The next stop on our sightseeing tour in Mexico was a little canyon near Acatic. We went there to walk downhill to a nice house, where some people waited for us, to serve delicious lunch with fresh limejuice. The surrounding nature, the springs and the river were a wonderful place to enjoy the Mexican landscape. At 5pm we went back to our places, where we slept, to refresh ourselves for the “Mexican Night”.

Later on the party started with Mayan dances. Then the hour of decision came – we had to present the traditional dance we learned the day before. After another Mayan ritual – a man with rockets who ran through the crowd while the fireworks were shooting –  we took many souvenir photos and danced with (just) everybody.  It was a wonderful, but also hard night for us. The day of saying goodbye to La Resolana, our Mexican friends, our hostfamilies, the kids and the real tequila had come.

Day 11 – 6th of January, 2013
Actually we couldn’t (and didn’t want to) believe that our departure day arrived L Wit huge backpacks filled with goodies from Mexico we arrived (thanks to Leo in time) to the airport. The nice ladies checked our bags, but didn’t say a word, just wished us a good trip. At 12 o´clock we occupied our places in the plane and from 2000 miles from the sky we admired the beautiful sun and unique Mexico! After 20 hours of traveling we arrived all safely in our rainy Germany 🙂

These 12 days spent in Mexico were just simply amazing: we made new friendships, we traveled through Mexico, and meeting always local people helped us to gather a real knowledge about the Mexican culture, habits, food, music etc.

We are more than thankful for this amazing experience! We hope that we are going to meet one day, somewhere in the World!


Thanks for everything!


Ingo, Tekla, Tine, Selina from Germany