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With Love for Georgia <3

With Love for Georgia

Internatioanel Jugendbegegnung
24.03. – 02.04.2016, Rustavi, Georgien


What do you think of when you hear the word Georgia? After this youth exchange “Be the solution to earth pollution”, there are so many words on our tongues to describe it, so many thoughts in our heads and feelings and beautiful memories. Georgia is country of lovely opened positive people, country of strong and rich traditions, beautiful songs and dances, country with the best food in the world, country with the amazing wine and country with stunning nature – in some parts almost untouched. “Little big”, partially undiscovered country.

And in this marvelous place, young people from five different countries – Armenia, Georgia, Germany, Norway and Latvia – met for ten days to talk about the solutions to earth pollution and climate change J Of course we were not able to find the ultimate solution J But we worked together on raising our awareness about this big issue, which involves all of us.

Every country got kind of homework from the pre-visit to prepare activities, presentations and games to particular topics. We tried to make activities in interactive way, so everyone gets involved and will remember it for a loooong time J Just for example – in frame of personal hygiene workshop we made bath balls, face masks and body scrubs made from natural products. We sewed fabric bags together and we made photo frames and birdhouses from natural materials.

Besides this we made a role game to the topic of water management, so we tried to identify ourselves with people, who´s main problem waking up isn´t what shoes to wear today, but the questions if they will have enough water to drink. We did both theoretical and practical workshops to the topic of waste management and we created a colourful tree in workshop on topic of permaculture. We visited beautiful natural places in and around Tbilisi, such as Gardenia full of flowers and colours.

For our national evenings, we have decided to not present only food, drinks and pictures. We have divided five elements among our five countries. Every country prepared something specific from their culture to one of the topics: air, fire, water, earth and the aether. So we have experienced for example jumping over the fire with Armenians, story of German fairy tales or legends of Georgia.

We also got the chance to visit Tbilisi three times. One of the most beautiful experiences was visiting a traditional restaurant for Dinner Out. We haven´t only listened to Georgian music. We have watched awesome and energetic traditional Georgian dances, plus moreover – we have tried probably all the possible dishes from Georgia, so that in the end we barely could have breath J Yummy!

During those ten great days, we didn´t only work on the topic of our youth exchange. We have had an amazing exchange among us. The groups were mixed, everyone talked to everyone and we have shared so much from our countries, traditions and lives. I am sure that every single person brings a little new friendship back home, and as they say – you always meet twice in life J So dear people, see you again somewhere in the world.

Dear Georgia, thank you so much for being so hospitable and opened, dear friends from the exchange – thank you for these beautiful ten days full of sun, laugh and happiness.