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InterCOOLtour – Defrican Diaries <3

Defrican Diaries

Youth Exchnage in Germany, 31.07. – 12.08.2012
Internationale Jugendbegegnung in Deutschland


Tuesday, 31.07.2012

Mareike & Kabelo

We left the hostel at around 9:30 am to have a tour around Stuttgart. We first went to the TV tower and had a clear and eye catching sight all over around Stuttgart. Then later we went to Killesberg park to also get a view over there.

We then later proceeded to Jugendwerk to meet the other group from Germany, whereby we played very interesting games so that we could get to know each other. We also had a discussion for the week plan for the camp at Bodensee. Then we went back to the hostel to unpack our stuff.

Later on we went down to a nearby park and we ordered Pizza for dinner and also played games.

We proceeded to the hostel and discussed how we spent our day. Then we went to the room and called it a night.


Wednesday, 01.08.2012

Marina & Tshepo

We all met for breakfast at the hostel’s Restaurant between 7-9 o’clock. We all enjoyed eating breakfast together as a team. As usual after breakfast we gathered to do an energizer to get us ready for the day. The name of the energizer was “I’m alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic”. Then we went to the shop to buy the ingrediences for the South-African meal. We got everything except the Maize-meal which is called Pap. We then decided to take a tram to Jugendwerk at 11 o’clock and started cooking at 11.30. The South African meal for 25 people consisted of Spinach, chakalaka, chicken and polenta instead of Pap, because we didn’t get any at the local shops. At about 2 o’clock the South Africans presented their way of eating their food. The food tasted very good.

After eating the people had the time to ask questions about the South African food and its people. At the Jugendwerk there were two volunteers who were celebrating their birthday. They were presented to the group and the group sang for them. At 3pm we cleaned up and started playing games like “one-two-three”, “green-orange/yellow-red”, “up-down-stand-sit”. At 15.30 we left the Jugendwerk and went to the main station, where we splitted up into two groups. One went shopping and the other group went to the museum. Unfortunately the museum was about to close in 30 minutes. The team decided to have the best ice cream in town. After two hours the groups met at the main station and then we went together on the train to the hostel for dinner. After dinner we had the choice to stay in the hostel or to go out. The group who went out went to a famous ping-pong club/bar. There we danced, enjoyed the music, tasted the German beer, had nice conversations and played ping-pong. After enjoying the whole time in the club we arrived at the hostel at 1.30. And this was the end of a great day!!


Thursday, 02 August 2012

Anja & Steven

First we had breakfast in our hostel from 7:00-9:00 a.m, after breakfast we packed our bags and moved to Jugendwerk.

There, the Germans and South Africans exchanged the way they feel about the others and we discussed about the children camp and how we care about them.

We had to pack baggage into our transport (bus) to travel to Höri. Later, when we arrived we had evening meal.

After that we went to the lake and also to the surroundings of the place to see more of Höri. Later on we all went to the lake and swam there. Then we all played Volleyball.

Then we all went to sleep but we played soccer with the kids first.

And that was the day!

Friday, 03.08.2012

Melanie & Sipho

After a nice lunch prepared by our friendly cook Rainer, we played some games.

First we struggled to explain the game but then we managed it. After enjoying the games very much we went to the lake.

There we played games, went swimming in the wonderful blue water, listened to Swaantje while she was singing or learned interesting things about the African culture. Every time the boys spend time with us we have much to laugh.

After a relaxed day and many mosquito bites we played the game “Mein Teamer kann…” which was a bit confusing at first for the SAfricans, but the Germans did their best to translate it, so in the end they got it and had fun watching Clara doing the exercises.

The days ended with nice discussions.

Saturday, 4th of August 2012

Ronja & Vanessa

The day started early because today was our day trip to Konstanz.

At 8 o’clock was already breakfast time.

One hour later we took the bus outside the camping place tot the rail station of Radolfzell. Half an hour later we arrived at Konstanz with the train. Because Konstanz is right on the border to Switzerland we went there for a short visit. It made great fun for us to jump from one country to the other. From there we walked on the lakeside to the harbor into the town.

We did a short sightseeing tour in the old part of the town. This tour ended at the cathedral of Konstanz where we climbed 193 steps upstairs to get an amazing view all over the town and the lake. After that we had two hours to spend on our own.

Then our group split in two parts. One part went to the archaeological museum and the other one made a boat trip Meersburg where we only took a few photos and then took the next ferry back to Konstanz. When we arrived again in Konstanz Andi invited us to an ice-cream. Then it was already time to leave again.

Back in the camp we had a nice barbecue and watched “Madagascar 2” which was a funny way to end this great day.


Monday, 06.08.2012

Marina & Kabelo

In the morning we all met at the breakfast table and ate breakfast. After that we discussed our plans of doing the DAFRICAN graffiti and some also went to the circus. We sprayed the graffiti till lunch and eventually it was done right on lunch time. It looked very pretty and colourful.

After lunch time it started raining and we all stayed indoors and playing games including intercultural talk. Some also went to the supermarket to buy sweets.

Later we watched the movie “Kung Fu Panda” together with the children and had a good laugh together because of the cartoons. At last we discussed our plans for the following day.


Tuesday, 07.08.2012

Ronja &Sipho

After breakfast one part of the group slowly searched their way to the local bike renting store while the rest went to the bus stop and preferred the more relaxing way of movement.

Our 12 km tour to Radolfzell took one hour and for some people it was really exhausting to go by bicycle and the heat didn’t make it easier. But when we finally arrived and locked our nine bikes all together at the train station we spent a great and lovely day in the old town.

After the shopping and the walks around the park we headed back to our meeting spot for some coffee. Then we went on the move again to our nine bikes. We had a view of the lake on the platform (of which it was one of our break points). Honestly the coming break point was “hell”. The hills were steep, the sun was downing our energies, but thanks to teamwork and motivation from the crew, we managed to see ourselves on top of the hill and amazingly we couldn’t believe what we had achieved! From the hill you could see almost the whole path and distance we had covered. It was a mere experience for everyone and an achievement.

After dropping off the bikes at the shop we rented them, we dragged ourselves back to camp from the Horn village. On arrival others felt like a swim and wanted to join the other group which arrived first. And well, some headed for the showers and rest. Upon dinner we got there in time as usual. Then at sunset we gathered around the table outside and chatted till one by one everybody went to bed as the night grew darker and darker.

A lovely day indeed!


Wednesday, 08.08.12

Anja & Tshepo

The morning began with breakfast from 8:30 am till 9:15 am.

Then the team leader called a meeting so they could divide the groups into three.

The first group went shopping in the town, the others to the local shops to buy fruits and the last for staying at the camp to create a collage from the photos that we printed the day before in preparation of Melanie’s birthday.

After that we all had free time.

However part of the South African group went to buy food for tomorrow as they will be preparing dinner for everyone.

At the same time the group went to the lake to relax and to do TaiChi and greeting the sun (yoga).

In the evening there was disco for the kids. Everybody dressed up and enjoyed dancing and the great light show Finn and Marius, the teamers of the kids camp had installed. We made cocktails out of fruit juices and local fruit and at midnight we celebrated Melanie’s 19th and Sarah’s 20th birthday.

Happy Birthday,



Thursday, 09.08.2012


Today was the 19th birthday of Melanie. Last night since midnight we already celebrated hers and also the birthday of a leader from the Bodensee-kids with cake, cocktails, good music and presents. That´s why some people of our group were very tired this morning at breakfast. Nevertheless we went to the beach and had some fun there. After lunch we helped Mbali cutting the vegetables for the African food. Suddenly Katarina and Tanja arrived at the Camp-ground and all Defricans welcomed them. When all the veggies were cut we went to the beach again. We had conversations with everybody and some of the Defricans went into the lake to refresh their bodies from the hot sun. Melanie used this time on the beach by giving a very good massage to some of us. After we had finished one of our daily Yoga and Taiji lessons, we went back to dinner. Mbali prepared a very delicious food for all of us. The only thing that tasted interesting was the salty chicken. With our full stomachs we started cleaning the dishes. It was a lot of fun because the Africans turned the kitchen into an African Music bar. In the evening Andi had to leave us. Because of this reason we took our last Defricans-Group-Picture together. After Papa had left us Mbali started to tell us a story. Finally we started to make our own story. Everybody was allowed to say about one sentence. The story became so funny. The last part of our program today on our last full day on the Mosquito place was watching the photos of the past few days. It was really nice.


Weekend in guest families, 10.08 – 12.08

Swaantje & Mbali


After the days in the camp, Mbali and I were so tired. When we arrived at my house we took a nap. Because I was sleeping as deep as a stone, Mbali and my parents went to the supermarket in order to buy the food for the dinner without me. At 10 pm we had the dinner and my parents had the chance to ask Mbali some questions about Africa. Finally we got very tired and went to bed.


On the next morning we had a relaxing breakfast. Afterwards we went to the library of my city. Mbali had the chance to go online (I don´t have internet access at my home). Then we went shopping in Reutlingen. Mbali looked for some presents for her family and friends. In the afternoon we started our journey to Tübingen. Our aim was the African festival. I hope Mbali felt a bit less homesick because of all the Africans in our surrounding. We watched some African music and dance performances. Furthermore we had a delicious traditional African lunch and a nice view at the huge market. In the evening my parents joined us. We had a walk through the very nice downtown of Tübingen. We went to a Burger-place and took our dinner there. Before we drove home by car we watched two homeless guys. The one guy made very nice music with his voice and guitar and the other one made amazing big soap-bubbles. The next morning was kind of stressful, because we had a lack of time. But finally we managed it to be punctual at the meeting point on the station of Stuttgart.


Saturday, 11th August 2012

Marina, Melanie, Steven & Sipho

I arrived at Melanie’s house at 11.30 and met Steven, Melanie and Sipho. We had planned to go by bike or some parts by train to the next town, which is Mosbach. At first we got the bikes and went to the train station and took the next train till Dallau. From this place we rode the bike till Mosbach. At Mosbach we showed them the park. In the park there are water basins in which you can go with your legs and also with your arms. So the two South Africans got to know the healthy action which is called “kneippen”.

After refreshing ourselves we went to the street with many shops. There the guys wanted to taste some original German food from the bakery. One of them ate “Linzer Torte” and the other one ate “Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte”. The Black forest Cake is also known in South Africa, but in South Africa isn’t any alcohol in the cake. So Steven, who doesn’t drink alcohol, was surprised about that there is alcohol in the German Black forest Cake. We decided to share the rest of the cake, because Steven thought he got drunk if he ate another bite. The whole way back to Melanie’s home we rode by bike. It wasn’t so easy and took a lot of time!

After arriving there we spent the afternoon and the evening with Melanie’s family, who were celebrating the birthdays of some family members! It was very nice to stay at Melanie’s home and I really enjoyed being there with all people!