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SMILE – Hand in hand

International youth camp – SMILE Hand in Hand

01.08.-10.08.2008 in Altensteig, Germany

This project is supported by the programme „Youth in Action“, an initiative of the European Commision, the SMILE network and the Jugendwerk der AWO Würrtemberg e.V.

In our camp we are participating in 4 different workshops all week. They are: expressive art workshop, movie workshop, creative expression and the Europe magazine.

Each participant of the camp could choose in which workshop he wants to take part. In each workshop there are 7-8 people working on their own project all week. The main topic of every workshop is European awareness. Every day the groups are working about 4 hours and at the last day all teams will present what they have been doing. In every workshop everyone is able to express his own opinion. Each group has a leader, who helps to organize the group work and teaches new skills. The aim of our camp is to learn, communicate and talk about European awareness from each countries point of view. This is what we are trying to achieve in our workshops.

The first workshop is expressive art and in this workshop the participants have the opportunity to create and learn choreographies that involve some dancing moves and some theater acting. They will have to create some costumes, too. This seems to be really interesting and very nice.

The second workshop is movie-making and the main idea of the workshop is to create a new amateur short film about European Awareness. Workshops are supposed to help people to realize their idea. Because of this, they will be more practical than theoretical.

The third workshop is the Europe magazine. Here we will create a magazine, in which we express our views of Europe. We can make interviews, photo stories, description of countries and stereotypes, poetry and anything else we can think of. The main idea of the workshop is to learn more about our own and others point of view of Europe. We plan to make some interviews with participants from other workshop groups and Zana makes one with the creative expression…let’s see 🙂

Creative workshop room:

Zana: What are you doing in your workshop? What do you like the most?

Sanita (Latvia): We are making a installation about European awareness. But what we are actually making you will see in the end of the camp.
Madara (Latvia): Yes, it’s a secret! But what I like most, is the people here. The company is very good…:)
Valentina(Italy): I like the company too, we don’t want to change anything!
Zana: What do you think about your workshop leaders and the participants?
Valentina: We love Sanita 😀 !
All: Yes, we just have great leaders.
Rita(Latvia) & Madara: We are have very creative team, we have crazy and good ideas! And we have a great team spirit.

Zana: Why did you choose this workshop?
Saila (Finland): Because I like to work with my hands and make something from all these materials.
Dima (Estonia): I have chosen this workshop because I like to smell the glue.!!:)) (everybody is laughing)
Madara: I like to express myself with colors, so I communicate my opinion with making something from nothing! In the room where they are working is ruling fun and good energy. Everybody is smiling. They like the place where they are; here you can see awareness for different cultures.

Karla made another interview in expressive art tent:
Karla: What are you doing in your workshop? What do you like the most?
Tudor (workshop leader): We will try to combine different music styles, because body language is universal.
Gaby (Romania): I like the communication between the different nationalities very much and I enjoy teaching them different moves.


Karla: What is your opinion about your workshop leaders and participants?
Rodrigo (Portugal): They are very cool, it’s nice to work with them and it’s also easy…I’m loving it and I like dancing.
All: Yes, we love our leaders and the participants are really friendly..: D
Karla: Why did you choose this workshop?
Mafalda (Portugal): I have chosen this workshop because I like to dance very much and here I can communicate and it’s a universal tradition.

In the tent where they are dancing is a lot of energy…Everybody learns new moves and they are smiling all the time.


Zana went in movie workshop rooms and to catch some opinion about their workshop:

Zana: What are you doing in your workshop? What do you like the most?
Erika (Italy): I like all…I’m happy 🙂
Max (Estonia): We are making movies and a film. I like technological things and cameras! All the process!
Catarina (Portugal): I like that we are making a film. I would like to know everything about making films, acting and filming 🙂

Zana: What do you think about your leaders and participants?
Max: Our leader is lovely, she’s a good leader!
Simone (Germany): She is really great!

Why did you choose this workshop?
Catarina: I’m addicted to films, I wanna know everything! I love to watch films too!
Max: The workshop has chosen us! 🙂 (Everyone is laughing) and there is no such thing that we don’t like!
All: Yes, there is nothing we would like to change..: D


We have some opinion and answers from our group (Europe Magazine), too:

Zana: What are you doing in your workshop and what do you like the most?
Lisa (Germany): We are comparing stereotypes about all participating countries. We get to know other cultures.
Marion (Germany): I like to work in this workshop; it is interesting to write articles! I think the point is to work together.

Karla: What do you think about your workshop leaders and participants?
Lisa & Marion: Our leader from Portugal is so active, she got a lot energy! It’s amazing! We haven’t got such energy! 🙂
Zana: Both leaders are nice and the team too, just some participants haven’t found out what they really wanna do.
Janis: Our leaders organize our work very well, they help us with ideas.

Why did you choose this workshop?
Karla: I have chosen this workshop because it is something new for me and I really like it here, it’s nice : D! In our workshop we can do many interesting things and each of us can choose about what they want to write articles .We can see what the other workshops are doing, too. All the time working with our article topics and being aware, we are discovering differences between us. 🙂