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How should we face the crisis? – Youth Exchange in Cataluña

How should we face the crisis? – Youth Exchange in Cataluña

Spanien 16.09. – 23.09.2011

After our International Youth Exchange about “Climate Change” in the Black Forest, Germany, another adventure began, but this time no more in the beautiful and nice Black Forest, but in the amazing and sunny Spain, exactly, Cataluña, near Barcelona.

In these seven days of youth exchange, from 16.09.2011 – 23.09.2011, with the topic: “HOW WE FACE THE CRISES” we talked about crisis, situation of young people in Europe, and especially of how we can face the crisis and, in our small surroundings, try to resolve it.

This exchange brought together young people (from 18 to 25) from six different countries (Spain/Catalunia, Germany, Greece, England, Bulgaria and Hungary). Every participant was ready to exchange proposals fo face and overcome the current situation of crisis, and they had the opportunity to learn about the main challenges how to become an active citizen. These eight days were fulled with great ideas, and the people were willing to try to solve and face the crisis.

We acted on this topic through workshops (e.g. active citizenship at European level)  and also outdoor and leisure time activities really effective. We can admit that it was work and fun in the same time. We discussed long, but we a good result, about the opportunities we have to overcome the crisis and we also put up a list of competences to face the crisis.

Having so many participants with more nationalities we put a big focus on interculturality. We answered the so popular question: How to learn from other cultures?, but with not such an obvious answer.  Every group had the opportunity to present their country, not just the traditional aspect (with traditional music, dance and food) from it, but also about how the countries are trying to face the crisis and to resolve the current problems.

We did not only work =). During this wonderful experience, we got to know each other and had great fun =). How can we forget the intercultural evenings, the beach, trips to Barcelona, play games until the morning, the flour-experiment etc.

We want especially say thank you to Daya, Alberto, Julien and Lluc from the Catalan Group, who organized together with us this wonderful project. And a big THANKS to our kitchen team,  Jessica and Annika from Germany, who cooked all the time for the whole group – great work, thank you! And of course THANK YOU to all the groups, for coming,  discussing, sharing ideas and work together as a big international group of young people as European Citizens. Thank you guys, you have made this experience unique and really amazing.

I miss you all, with love , Alice =D